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mysterysmile-deactivated2014050: the pic that you last posted, is it you?

nooo. i wish!

ur-dream-catcher: WOW! That is absolutely FANTASTIC! :) Great job! Thats the kind of motivation we all needed! :)

thanks! :)

up-all-night-to-get--loki: hey, i am just wondering if you have the entire collection of the posts which have certain exercises or foods for each day of the week? i found a post for the thursday one, and it had your URL as a watermark on it so i was hoping you could lead me to the answer :)

y0ungand-w-i-l-d: hii, i hate to bother you. but i love your blog so much. (: you answered my other question before, and if you could help me again, i'd love you forever. any work-outs for losing fat on the stomach besides cardio?

russian twists, crunches, planks, and side crunches, but cardio is also necessary or else you’ll be building muscle underneath fat and you won’t be able to see much of a difference

di-monds: i have the exact same body as you, i just noticed! have you got any summer "slim-down" plans for the summer that I could do? I just want to get a flatter stomach, get rid of most of my love handles and butt tone. suggestions? btw, love your progress! keep up the good work :)

i always do 20-30 minutes of cardio at the beginning of every workout, then i switch off each day between arms, abs, and leg workouts! i don’t really have set workout plans, i just do random exercises that target whatever area i’m working on that day.

malaikafilth: lol I hope I don't sound creepy, but I'm so jealous of your boobs because they look great in that dress, along with the rest of you of course :}

thank you :)

aleena-erotica: omg you look so skinny and perfect in that dress. Okjdfnkjds.

thanks! :)

twohundredfortyninedays: Just had to say, your prom dress looks awesome, especially on you! (:

thank you :)

y0ungand-w-i-l-d: hii, i'm 13 and i really want to try to be healthier. i'm not overweight, and i'm okay with my body, but i'm not healthy and all the bad foods i eat makes me feel gross. i'd like to eat smaller portions of healthier food, but when i do, my mom accuses me of starving myself and being on a diet. how do i explain to her that i only want to be healthier?

well what exactly would you consider a meal? if you’re only eating an apple as a meal, that would be considered starving yourself.

you don’t need to completely cut out the “bad” stuff. maybe if you start easing into eating healthy, your mom won’t freak out. if you’re eating a certain way and suddenly you’re asking for just salads and fruits for every meal, it’ll get your mom worried. instead, start off by having half your meal be what you usually eat and then have the other half be healthy.

lastly, just talk to your mom. tell her what your intentions are and that you’re not trying to become anorexic, you just want to eat healthier so you feel nice and healthy because unhealthy food makes you feel gross and bogged down.

posh-pawn: Where have you gone!? it has been like a week! I love all your posts<3

i’m sorry! i’ve been swamped with so much homework and dance stuff so i haven’t had much time but i’ve got more free time now!

trigonaldipyramidal: Hey there, well I'm having a problem. Right now I'm on vacation and I gained a lot of weight over the weeks, about 6 kg and befor schools starts I want to loose it again an I don't really know how, because I'm a chocolate lover. I really love to eat and usually I don't have problems with my weight, but this vacation really destroyed my body. Do you know a way out of this mess? I'm still having a week till school starts again.xx

well according to this article, having a little bit of chocolate everyday isn’t such a bad thing! you just have to control how of it you eat.

unfortunately, i’m afraid you won’t be able to lose 6kg in only a week, but it’s still possible! you have to get yourself to do 20+ minutes of cardio daily. it may seem hard at first but once you start, it gets a lot easier. a good way to start is with workout videos! there are a ton out there that you can buy or you can find free ones online.

also, don’t buy junk food because once you have it in your house, you’re probably going to eat it. if you think eating chocolate is really a problem and you cannot control how much you have, then i suggest you stop buying chocolate often. instead, make it a little treat from time to time if you’ve been keeping up with exercising and eating healthy!

good luck!

bugbud: Thank you! I do snack, but only on carrots and grapes and stuff, should I stop doing that?

no! there’s nothing wrong with snacking on healthy foods (i mean unless you’re snacking onĀ ridiculousĀ amounts)

posh-pawn: Could you ask your followers to like this if they're a fitspo/thinspo/healthy etc type of blog. My dashboard is dead and I need to follow new blogs
bugbud: Hey, so I've been thinking about what many people are saying about making small goals, and honestly I'm struggling a lot with that. Do you have any tips for small goals to set?

start easy like going on a walk for thirty minutes for a few days, then change it to fast walking after a few days, then turning that into a ten minute jog, to twenty, to thirty, etc.

if you snack during the day, set a goal to stop snacking or change the snacks to something healthy.

how i stick to my goals is by keeping track of every time i go to the gym on a desk calendar! then if i start to slack i can see it on my calendar

iwillbefithealthyandhappy: Thank youuu ! And OMGGG you're doing sooo great hun ! Keep your chin up, you can do this <3 :D

thanks! :)

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